GENESIS - The last incarnation of the official Genesis site ran from July 2001 until May 2010. Today, the official site represents a resource/landing page to get links to official sites for its band members (past and present), the official Genesis shop for band merchandise, and additional links to unofficial sites for tribute act information, fan forum pages, and six reputable fan-sites, including World of

- The old official website for the band. It offers some interesting audio and video clips about the second Archive box set and a mailing list to learn about future happenings in the world of Genesis.

TONY BANKS - Started in 2012, the official site focuses on Tony's latest orchestral album, Six Pieces For Orchestra, and the long-awaited reissue of The Wicked Lady (soundtrack). You can also check out Tony Banks' official Facebook page and official Twitter page.

PAUL CARRACK - This is the official website for Paul Carrack. Updated on a regular basis, Paul's site offers a live chat room, comprehensive information on his more recent projects, touring information, and a shopping section. The shopping section offers some exclusive items not available elsewhere such as downloadable 'official bootlegs', etc.

PHIL COLLINS - This is the official website for Phil Collins. The site debuted August 25, 2002 and went off line in July 2009. In July 2010, the site returned in support of Phil's 2010 album, Going Back. Check it out! You can also view Phil Collins' Facebook page and Twitter page.

PHIL COLLINS BIG BAND - There's not much to this site, but you can purchase sheet music for the big band arrangements of songs from Phil's Hot Night In Paris album. The sheet music has been transcribed by Harry Kim (from Phil's band), Harry Nestico, and others  (Warning: These arrangements are NOT cheap).

PETER GABRIEL - This is the official Peter Gabriel website. As you would expect from Gabriel, the site is very cutting edge, and extremely informative. In addition to news, touring information, and such, you can also check out lots of cool multimedia tidbits, exploration of his Real World Records site, and even buy Gabriel and Real World goodies in his on-line shop. The Real Word items are not available in any store. You can also check out Peter Gabriel's official Facebook and Twitter pages.

STEVE HACKETT - This is the new official website for Steve Hackett! Includes a new blog feature for Steve to personally update fans, news, tour dates, and much more! You can also check out Steve Hackett's official Twitter page.

MIKE & THE MECHANICS - Re-launched in February 2011, the Mike and the Mechanics site focuses on recent projects, including the forthcoming Singles 1986-2014 collection(s). You can also check out the official Mike and the Mechanics Facebook page.

ANTHONY PHILLIPS -  This is the official website for Anthony Phillips. This site is well put together and seems to get occasional updates. He offers some nice discography information, historical data, a photo archive including some pictures from his personal collection, and much more.

MIKE RUTHERFORD - To date, there is no "official" site for Mike Rutherford. Believe it or not (please visit the Mike and the Mechanics site).

DARYL STUERMER - This is the official site for Daryl Stuermer. Daryl's site offers touring information, a discography, and more.

CHESTER THOMPSON - This is the official website for Chester Thompson. Years in the making, it was finally launched in March 2003. The site offers clinic session information, touring information, and more. This discography on the site is pulled from All Music, so it is grossly incomplete and, in some cases, inaccurate. The site has not seen any real updates since 2007.

RAY WILSON - This is the official site for Ray Wilson. The site offers historical information about his previous projects (including Genesis), what he is working on now, touring information, video clips, personal photographs, and more. You can also check out Ray's Stiltskin website.

PAUL YOUNG - This site is a tribute to the late Paul Young, maintained by his son. The site is very well done, and offers an amazing discography, great period pictures, and more. You should also check out the official Sad Cafe site, one of Paul Young's former bands.


- The official website for the jazz/fusion band that once had Phil Collins as a card-carrying member appears to be off-line at the moment. Hopefully, it will return one day.

- This is the official website for John Burns. John was involved with the recording of such classic Genesis albums as Foxtrot, Live, Selling England By The Pound and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Check out his site to find out about his career and some of the newer acts that he is currently working with.

This is the official website for Ronnie Caryl, Phil Collins' touring guitarist since 1996 and former band-mate from Flaming Youth and Hickory, two of Phil Collins pre-Genesis bands.

- This is the official site for the former Flaming Youth keyboard player. Check out pictures, reviews, a biography, and more! 

This is the official site for the long-time producer/engineer for Genesis. Nick is responsible for the remastering of the Genesis back catalog on CD and the recent DVD reissues in 5.1 surround sound. Nick has also worked behind the scenes on projects for Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike & The Mechanics, Marillion, XTC, It Bites, and others.

NICK D'VIRGILIO - Nick was one of two session drummers who appeared on Genesis final studio album Calling All Stations. Nick is also a member of the progressive rock band Spock's Beard. Check out his official site for the latest news on his session work, solo projects, and much more.

FOWLER BROTHERS - This is the official site for the Fowler Brothers. As Chester Thompson fans know, the Fowlers have a long musical history with Chester dating back to his days with Frank Zappa and The Mothers (not to mention several solo projects since). Check out their official site and pick up copies of their hard-to-find albums like Breakfast For Dinosaurs, Hunter, Entropy, Last Blue Sky, and others featuring Chester on drums. To learn which exact titles feature Chester, check out the WOG shopping section.

TIM HOWAR - The official Tim Howar site is under development. Tim shares lead vocal duties with Andrew Roachford in the latest incarnation of Mike and The Mechanics.

JONATHAN KING - "King of Hits" is the official site for Jonathan King, the producer who 'discovered' Genesis and produced their first album, From Genesis To Revelation. Visit King's site to learn about his career, view photos of King with various celebrities, read his biography, and more.

TONY LEVIN - This is the official website for Tony Levin. To Genesis fans, Tony is probably best known as Peter Gabriel's long-time bass player or perhaps as a member of King Crimson, but Tony's a very active session player and has worked with artists including John Lennon, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Lawrence Gowan and many, many others. Check out his site and don't miss his now legendary Tour Diary!

NIR Z - This is the official website for Nir Z, one of the two drummers who played on Genesis' Calling All Stations album. Nir is an accomplished session drummer and has also recorded a number of projects with Ray Wilson including the Cut Millionairhead and Stiltskin She albums. Check out his website for the latest news on his career!

ANDREW ROACHFORD - A successful artist in his own right, Andrew shares lead vocal chores with Tim Howar in the latest version of Mike and the Mechanics.

SAS BAND - This is the official website for Spike Edney's SAS Band. For those who don't know, the SAS Band is an all-star group of varying musicians. Members of the band have included (at various times) Paul Young (of Sad Café and Mike and The Mechanics), Bob Geldof, Lionel Richie, Fish and Steve Hogarth (from Marillion), Roger Taylor, Brain May and John Deacon (from Queen), Phil Manzanera (from Roxy Music), Ian Anderson (from Jethro Tull), Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company), John Wetton (of Asia), and many others. Find out if they are playing near you and who will be at the gig! Also, you can pick up a copy of their live album, which features the two final live recordings of Paul Young ("All I Need Is A Miracle" and "Every Day Hurts")!

SPOCK'S BEARD - The official site for ex-Genesis session drummer Nick D'Virgilio's band. Includes up to date news, a discography, a message board, an on-line shop, tour information, and more. 

PAUL WHITEHEAD - This is the official site for Paul Whitehead. Paul is the artists who is best known to Genesis fans for creating the artwork of the group's Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot albums. Check out his on-line gallery and purchase yourself some cool Genesis goodies including reproductions of the artwork from those three albums!


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